SYNEVA Economics, incorporated in the State of North Carolina since 2003, is an innovative leader in data-driven regional economic analysis. SYNEVA Economics’ core competencies are in-depth knowledge of regional data and analysis of regional data in the application of understanding local economies. The firm’s key value is converting these competencies into clear and insightful information in order that clients can make knowledgeable, efficient and effective decisions.

SYNEVA Economics’ portfolio includes economic assessments for dozens of communities, industry targeting, economic impact analyses, workforce & skills assessments, micro-demographic analyses, and a host of custom analyses answering specific site and client needs. The range of research activities have been as broad as economic impact analyses for universities, international airports and major infrastructure projects to micro-demographics analyses of neighborhood gentrification and sub-state health insurance coverage. Besides economic developers, municipalities, and workforce development boards, SYNEVA Economics’ clients have included commercial developers, community organizations, architectural and planning firms, a national insurance provider, and even the national offices of the Boy Scouts of America in site selection decisions.

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